What is skilled nursing center vs nursing home?

Skilled Nursing. Facilities (snf) have nursing home level of care within their building. For example, one wing of the snf or certain rooms are dedicated to people receiving short term rehabilitation services (those who will not be living there once therapy is complete) and those who stay long term. People who live there are under custodial care, or the same level of care as a nursing home.
See below. The key difference is the subacute rehabilitation, requiring skilled care. Otherwise, it is long term care placement.

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What is difference between assisted living and skilled nursing center and nursing home?

Levels of care. The highest level of care is delivered in the hospitals. Out of the hospital the highest level of care is in a skilled nursing facility that can give complete custoidial care including total patient assistance with daily living, giving medications and intravenous therapy, and all necessary care. The next level of care are assisted living homes that can help people who need less nursing care.