Planned on breastfeeding. Now it looks like I will probably have my baby premature. What can I do?

Breast feeding. The desire to breast feed should not be impeded by a preterm birth. Using a breast pump to stimulate milk production should be implemented soon after the delivery. Freezing the milk as soon as it is pumped and stored for later use, will be as beneficial to the baby, as if you were able to nurse him. Which you will be able to do as the preterm baby gains in maturity and weight.
Pump. Even if you baby is premature, your body will know you delivered and start to produce breastmilk. Breastmilk is all the more important for premature babies!. I am sure the neonatal doctor can explain to you why it is best for the baby. You might have to pump and give milk that way at first, but by all means still plan to breastfeed your baby.