My doctor charged $45 for a 5-min preventive health phone call. For 50 more I could have had a Fitbit and used healthtap. Why is the healthcare system so lopsided?

Lopsided-understated. Health care today is lopsided capitalism at it's worst. The financial meltdown of 2008 is going to look like a bad walk in the park compared to the devastation to both financial and human capital that our bipolar society is heading for. Unless there is entire new course (the current system is irreparable). I call it 'the changing of the gods'. Not sure when i'll get to write that book either.
Healthcare . The changes in medicine have caused a tremendous amount of dissatisfaction on the patient and the doctor side. There is more of an emphasis on data collection than quality, more an emphasis on patient satisfaction, than quality, more of an emphasis on insurance and malpractice, than on actual patient care delivery. Doctors and patients are now providers and consumers. Its completely upside down.
Wow - really . Lopsided. Look at this - hundreds of doctors providing medical information for free.