What is an allele?

Genetics. An allele is a viable dna (deoxyribonucleic acid) coding that occupies a given position (locus) on a chromosome. Usually alleles are sequences that code for a gene.

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What are alleles functions?

Copies of genes. Every gene in your genome has two copies (or should), and the individual copies are called "alleles". The differences between alleles can reflect the different inheritance from your two parents and explains why people aren't identical copies of their parents. So these differences provide genetic diversity.

Hi I am 18 an just got tested for huntington's disease. Can someone please explain what (allele 1: w/ 31 cag and allele 2: w/ 15 cag repeats means?

Talk with doc. You really should speak with the person who ordered the test to get the final interpretation. In general, huntington's disease (hd) is caused by an expansion of cag repeats. The range of repeat length in the unaffected population is 6–35 repeats. We have two copies, or alleles, of the gene. Both of your alleles are in the normal range, thus no hd. Once again, speak with your doc for final word.

What does having double s allele mean for treatment of OCD and anxiety disorder medication?

Maybe less effect. I think you mean that you are homozygous for the s (short) variant of the serotonin transport protein. Some studies suggest you might be less resilient to stressful events and less responsive to particular medication -- the ssris (prozac, zoloft, (sertraline) etc.) these studies are only guidelines. They should not dictate treatment. Your physician will consider that information as she considers tx options.