What are p53 genes?

Tumor supression. The p53 gene, is a tumor suppressor gene, i.e., its activity stops the formation of tumors. If a person inherits only one functional copy of the p53 gene from their parents, they are predisposed to cancer and usually develop several independent tumors in a variety of tissues in early adulthood. This condition is rare, and is known as li-fraumeni syndrome.

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What happens when your p53 genes are overactive?

Bad information. Mutated p53 passed from parent to child is underactive and predisposes one to early and unusual cancers. As a cancer develops, p53 activity is often lost through mutation. There's a mutant mouse with overactive p53 that seems to age rapidly because p53 clears cells that may be injured. Don't worry about it. Read more...

What is a defective P53 gene. Is it inheritable?

Cell regulation. The P53 gene is thought to be involved in regulating cell death. When the P53 gene mutates or has a change from the normal gene, this may lead to types of cancers. Read more...