Which algorithms have been developed to assess the risk of lung cancer?

NLST. The national lung screening trial determined that people who are aged 55-74, heavy smokers or who quit within 15 years would benefit from low dose chest cat scan screening.
Yes. Agree with dr cooke, nlst. Your family physician can review your history and risk factors to help assess risk and refer for screening. You can also learn more at the following links: http://goo. Gl/gu9ms http://goo. Gl/8k1lp http://goo. Gl/oqvsp.
Likely none/TNM. Apparently no obvious algorithms have been developed to asess the risk of lung cancer, but the TNM staging helps to determine the prognisis of lung cancer patients. It depends on the t or size of the tomor, the n or extent of lymph nodes involved, and the m or presence of distant metastasis with site. The size and lymph node combination determine stages I to iii, while any m means stage iv.