What's better for the foot? Sneakers, sandals, running shoes?

All can be fine. This is hard to answer. It depends on the quality of the shoe, how well it fits the shape of your foot and, most importantly, how well it feels. As a rule, the thicker the sole, the stiffer the shoe, the better the support, the better the shoe is for you. It does mean that other shoes are bad. Using generalities, my best answer to your question, would be a good running shoe. Dr l.
Each havea use. Overall sneakers with a good arch support would be the best.

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If I walk to work in running shoes then change to sandals, my feet smell. What can I do?

Several things. 1st try washing you feet when you get to work and then spray an antifungal on your feet. The odor is probably from perspiration. Read more...
Dry your feet. Most odor comes from moisture and bacteria that grow on the foot.Make sure that you keep your skin dry and that should help. Read more...