What is the treatment for atherosclerosis?

LDL Drives HDL Stops. Atherosclerosis, typically starts ~age 7, is primarily driven by lipoproteins (the proteins which transport fat in the water outside cells), not cholesterol (made by every cell), thus optimize NMR particle test (hdl & LDL concentration, not cholesterol), keep hba1c low, optional ?5.0%, sbp ?120 mmhg, don’t smoke, exercise, avoid dietary sugars, etc; study: nusi.Org, taubes, attia, lustig fatchance.
Avoid it! By following healthy habits american heart you can dramatically reduce the incidence! if you develop the diseases, there are diverse and helpful treatments. But avoidance. Prevention is better!, !
Atherosclerosis. Reducing cholesterol, treating high blood pressure, smoking cessation, treating diabetes are the know risk factor "treatments" to hopefully slow the progression of atherosclerosis.