What is septorhinoplasty operation?

Nose surgery. Septorhinoplasty is surgery to improve the nasal airway (generally to straighten the nasal septum (which normally divides the nasal passage into roughly similar right and left sides) and to improve the cosmetic appearance of the nose. The rhinoplasty portion often involve many steps that work together to reduce the size of the nose, improve side to side symmetry and reshape the tip.
Nasal surgery. Septorhinoplasty involves changing both the inside and outside of the nose. It is usually done for both appearance and function.

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What is it like getting a septorhinoplasty operation?

Common procedure. A septorhinoplasty procedure is typically performed to improve breathing and/ or change the shape of the nose. This can be performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation. The downtime can range up to seven days. There is mild to moderate pain. You typically experience some congestion. The most common risk is a self-limited nosebleed. This is the most complicated facial surgical procedure.
Breathing & contour. Septorhinoplasty surgery is designed to improve the breathing through your nose, and its contour. Surprisingly, there is very little pain afterwards, but there will be swelling - both inside and out - that takes some time to resolve. An external nasal splint is often used to minimize external swelling and maintain the desired contour in the early healing phase. Internal splints may also be needed.

5 weeks since septorhinoplasty and turbinoplasty. I feel exactly the same as before surgery. Did the surgery fail? Should I look into legal options?

Not necessarily. You had a lot of work done and there still could be a significant amount of internal nasal congestion from the surgery. You can use sudafed for congestion, if you have normal blood pressure. Other options would be nasal saline and a prescription nasal steroid. You need to wait 3-6 months to really evaluate your response to surgery.

I'm having surgery next week (septorhinoplasty). Do they ever use propofol by itself or is it always administered with other drugs?

Propofol Anesthesia. Propofol (Deprivan) is an anesthetic agent and as such it can't provide analgesia (pain reduction) therefor it is used with other drugs.

Can we expect immediate change in nose shape after septorhinoplasty because mine hasnt changed significantly. Its been 4 days since surgery.

Hmmmm. Sometime swelling from the surgery take a while to resolve. It is then you can truly appreciated your surgeon work. So be patience. It will be alright. Make sure follow up with your surgeon.

I'm having surgery in a week (septorhinoplasty) is it safe to take unisom up until the day of surgery? They say doxylamine interferes with propofol.

Maybe. If there is any doubt, and you can come off the medication without s problem, then it's probably better to come off it. It may be best to discuss with the doctor that is prescribing the medication. Hope this helps!