What is frontotemporal type of dementia?

See below. It affects the frontal lobes (front) and temporal lobes (sides) of the brain. Onset is usually earlier than alzheimer's. Initial sx may involve changes in personality, judgement and social functioning. Pick's disease is one of the forms of the frontotemporal dementia. Here's a link to fuller description of the disease http://www.Alz.Org/alzheimers_disease_frontotemporal_dementia.Asp.
Tau - progranulin. Ftd has been renamed frontotemporal lobar degeneration "ftld". Accumulation of abnormal amounts of a protein tau, mutations in progranulin or c9orf72, along with inflammation, and potential cell to cell spread. 40% genetic basis. Ucsf is a great starting place for more info.
Disinhibition. There are several causes of frontal dementias; they are characterized by poor judgment, poor impulse control; emotional incontinence; lability of emotions; anger and laughter, often uncontrollably or in an unusual context; dependent on the cause, there are treatments available...