What are hazards of atherosclerosis?

Un-timely death. I am not trying to be dramatic but if atherosclerosis, which is a progressive disease, is allowed to continue without any remediation, the arteries will become blocked and, in the heart, this will cause ischemia and ultimately muscle death. Atherosclerosis also progresses in the rest of the body and can cause loss of limb. Fortunately you can partner with your doctor to slow/stop it.
Many if not treated. Atherosclerosis is the narrowing and blocking of the arteries. If not treated properly this could cause a patient to have: a heart attack; stroke; damage to the heart, brain and other extremities; and even death. Ways to prevent and/or treat atherosclerosis: lifestyle changes such as not smoking, lowering stress, diet and exercise. Reduce hbp and cholesterol. Take medications your pcp prescribes.