What do people think about healthtap's doctors?

We're human. Personally, i think we're all human, and we answer questions the best that we can. Most of the healthtap doctors i've met here are friendly, well-versed in their fields, and generous with their time. It's a pleasure learning from my colleagues' answers. You'll have to tell us what you think from your end. Thanks for asking.
Hopefully all good. I truly enjoy this website for several reasons. First, i'm challenged and it keeps me on my toes keeping up with what other professionals have to say. Secondly, i'm thankful that i can help others. Hopefully, the vast majority of people who ask questions and monitor answers on this site can benefit from the contributions of so many dedicated and outstanding clinicians.
Positive. This is coming from a physician. I learn alot from reading what my peers write. For the most part I am impressed. I enjoy & benefit from healthtap.
Helpful! I've enjoyed reading the brief responses from the doctors on healthtap, and contributing a few of my own. While there are always going to be a few docs here with axes to grind, whose opinions and prejudices blind them to facts, most people here seem honestly interested in answering questions and providing help. I like them!