What are the health benefits of honey?

Honey. Prevents cancer and heart disease, reduces ulcers, increases athletic performance, anti-microbial effects, reduces cough and throat irritation.
MANY! Honey has anti-bacterial properties with dozens of species of bacteria. Applied topically, honey has been used successfully in treatment of diabetic ulcers. Manuka honey may be useful in treating MRSA infections. It may reduce odours, swelling, and scarring in wounds. Pure raw honey contains many minerals and vitamins.

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What are the health benefits of eating honey?

Tastes good. No magic here. May help a sore throat. If you believed all the health claims for the stuff, you'd be reading uncritically. Be sure you know your source; there are some illnesses caused by honeys made by bees that have fed on plants that are poisonous, and honey may be tainted with botulism. Read more...

What are the health benefits of raw honey (with pollen and wax bits)? What about honey comb?

Many roles. Raw honey is good as a facial to rid oneself of redness of the face .As the old song says"a little bit of honey makes the medicine go down" and of course, honey helps to loosen up coughs. Read more...