Is tap water safe to drink if someone uses a filter?

Yes. Tap water in the usa is safe to drink by itself. A filter might remove a few solids but your body can handle them anyway. Note also that many bottled waters are actually tap water.
Yes. In the us, generally the water is safe. Filtration may make it more so. However it is wise to remember that filtration may take away certain elements that are good for you as well. Filtration has many different types, the cheap ones work, but the best are ones use the "reverse osmosis" type of filtration technology. Remember bottled water may not have fluoride, needed to reduce cavities in kids.

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Is tap water safe to drink daily, or does it have contaminates that are bad? Just wondering if there's any medical reason to filter water

Where do you live? In some areas the water consistently tests well without significant contaminants. However as we saw in Flint water crisis that is not always the case.

Do brita water filters safely filter tap water? I feel like I am still drinking tap water

Water filters. Such water filters improve taste while also removing harmful substances from tap such as infectious organisms. When it comes to safety the FDA issues a minimum requirement, however, there are plenty of chemicals still found in our waters supply. Look in depth at the different filtration systems available and what will filter your most pressing concerns.

Could the filtered tap water I'm drinking be causing my kidney stones?

UTI/Kidney Stone. You may want to go see a doctor, if your lower abdomen continues to hurt and you have have tight pain around the kidneys, you may have a UTI or a kidney stone.
No. Folks with a history of kidney stones generally benefit from drinking plenty of water. I'm sorry anyone suggested that a simple water filter was a problem.

When I drink water (filtered of course) I get heartburn why and how can I prevent it cause I love water...Cant drink tap water?

GERD. You probably have a condition called gerd. And you could start over the counter medications like Pepcid or zantac (ranitidine) daily but if this continues you d better see a GI specialist for possible endoscopy.

Can drinking too much tap water say 12 glasses a day cause cancer? I mostly drink filtered water. I have 2-3 glasses around the time I go to bed.

Unlikely, however: Pure water doesn't increase cancer risk. Unfortunately carcinogens can contaminate tap water but a good filter removes most of those. Unfortunately filters don't remove fluoride, which is often deliberately added and may increase risk of some cancers- see http://tinyurl. Com/78mcgts Only 6 million people in the UK have fluoridated water- see http://tinyurl. Com/z58x7kj If yours is then avoid it!