Isnt it better to be testing for ovarian cancer earlier?

Makes sense but.... It is a great idea but unfortunately there is no screening test available that can identify ovarian cancer early on in women.
A great idea but.... That is the idea of studies done in the past- to see if we screen everybody who is asymptomatic and follow them up with either cancer marker or sonogram surveilalnce- whether we can actually detect more ovarian cancer at earlier stage. The answer of the studies, unfortunately, despites all the ultrasounds and cancer markers- unfortunately, majority of cancer found were already stage iii.

Related Questions

How accurate is the genetic testing for ovarian cancer?

Very if BRCA mutated. The genes brca1 and brca2 cause breast-ovarian cancer, suspected when women have onset of breast cancer before menopause or when there are several cases of breast/ovarian cancer in a family. Women with a brca mutation have as much as a 50% lifetime risk for ovarian cancer (85% for breast) and often choose prophylactic oophorectomy after positive brca testing since there is no good clinical screen.
Depends. If you test positive for a known mutation, you have an increased lifetime risk of ovarian cancer, 40% for brca and 12% for lynch syndrome. If you test negative for a mutation for which a family member with ovarian cancer was positive, then your risk is not increased. If you test negative but have a strong family history, you are still at increased risk due to other genes not tested.

Mom got ovarian cancer at 37. None of her other family got it or any other cancer. Should I consider genetic testing? How do I lower my risk?

No. While genetic testing has value in certain malignancies pointing out who is succeptible and requires careful evaluation such as in breast cancer and congenital polyposis as well as the Lynch Syndrome, ovarian adenoma ca has no major impact from congenital abnormalities. A periodic pelvic sonogram or digital pelvic exam yearly or bi yearly may be helpful.

My aunt (dad's sis) and grt-grandma (pat grandma's mom) both died of ovarian cancer. How likely is it hereditary? Would genetic testing be good idea?

May be. But need more than one in each generation, unfortunately no blood test for early detection of ovarian cancer, other than regular gyn exams with sonograms., beside breast cancer brca genetic mutation tests especially brca I is useful for ovarian cancer. Speak to your gyn doctor.
Possibly. Two family members with ovarian cancer is not that common. There are a few inherited conditions that increase ovarian cancer risk. I would suggest that you gather all family info you can get hold of (all family with or without cancer) and visit with your gyn or family doc. They will decide of you need to be seen by a specialist in hereditary cancer.

How early can ovarian cancer be detected?

Depends. It is notoriously hard to detect early. Pelvic ultrasound and family history along with serum ca-125 are some approaches to early detection that have not been particularly effective. Current research is aiming at identifying a serum proteomic signature of early ovarian cancer that can be clinically useful.

What are early symptoms of ovarian cancer?

NONE. That is the reason to go for regular gyn visits. Abdominal symptoms appear in later stages unfortunately for detection of early ovarian cancers there is no blood test, only for late stages used to see the progress of disease (ca 125 CEA etc) only way to detect is regular gyn doctor visits, if needed sonogram, or laparoscopic examination.

How early could ovarian cancer be detected?

Hard to say. No good screening for ovarian cancer. Studies were done to see if transvaginal sono can detect early case of ovarian cancer in asymptomatic people- only showing that all of the cancer that were detected by the sono-are stage 3 or above. It requires high awareness from the patient, low threshold of suspicion of md, multiple modalities to detect earlier case of cancer (stage 1 or 2)-which can happen.
Probably by 40-50. There is no specific test that can detect ovarian cancer. A triad of tests is used, including pelvic exam, ca-125, and transvaginal ultrasound. Incidence starts to rise in the 5th decade, and peaks in the 8th decade. So these tests most likely detect cancer by then since it is big enough. If cancer is very aggressive, it might be noticed earlier in rare cases. Surgery is likely definitive.
Depends. Ovarian cancer may be detected early, while still confined to the ovary, as an incidental finding during abdominal surgery for an other reason. Usually early ovarian cancer does not cause any specific symptoms and is not detected early.

Does ovarian cancer have symptoms in its early stages?

Sometimes. Ovarian cancer may have initial symptoms of pain, nausea, vomiting, or abdominal fullness, but some patients have no symptoms until the cancer is quite large. Regular pelvic exams by your doctor are important! If you have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, please let your doctor know.
Ovarian cancer. In early stages ovarian cancer has no symptoms whatsoever. Thats why is so hard to diagnose it, untill it is really advance. It is a cornerstone for gyn oncologyst which are working really hard to find a screening test for ovarian cancer. The symptoms of fullness, wight loss, bloating appear when cancer spread already to the bowells.
Yes and No. The very earliest stages of ovarian cancer, when it is confined to the ovary or tube, do not cause symptoms. As it begins to spread in the abdomen, it causes abdominal symptoms like gas, bloating, indigestion, and change in bowel habits. If it is diagnosed shortly after symptoms appear, it will be earlier and have a better prognosis than if the symptoms are ignored.

Which test to detect ovarian cancer early is the best?

None. Unfortunately, no screening test (be it ultrasound, physical exam, or ca 125 tumor marker) can detect ovarian cancer early enough to make a difference. People with high risk for cancer often choose to have the ovaries removed before they get malignant. If you have concerns about your risk, please have a chat with your doc. Best to you.

What are the symptoms of ovarian cancer that show up early?

Not specific. Early ovarian cancer may cause abdominal discomfort, constipation or diarrhea, bloating, gas, indigestion, fatigue, or back pain. These symptoms are common with other medical problems, which is why ovarian cancer is often not diagnosed at an early stage.
Unfortunately none. Early ovarian cancer usually has no specific symptoms in early stages. Most patients later found to have ovarian cancer had vague abdominal discomfort like bloating. There are no suitable blood tests either for early detection.