How long does an allergic reaction to a vaccine last?

Vaccine reactions. The duration of an allergic reaction to a vaccine depends on the type of allergic reaction and on the person having the reaction. Reactions like classic allergies, ie hives or "urticaria" may last a few days, whereas those that are more serum sickness-like, with joint pains, sometimes last longer, like weeks or months, and require treatment with steroids. Most reactions are short-lived.

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How long does a allergic reaction from a shingle vaccine last, and ca I take allergy meds and use hydrocortisone?

Don't know. Since the Zoster vaccine has been around for about a decade, the long-term efficacy can only be ascertained by experience. Theoretically it should last a life-time but practically only time will time. Since it is a live vaccine, you need to inform your doctor about this if you are on high-dose oral steroid (not topical or inhaled steroid) before getting the vaccine. Allergy medication is fine. Read more...