When will my baby begin walking?

By 16 months. Some babies are comfortable crawling for months and some skip crawling to go straight to walking. It is normal for babies to take up to 16 months to learn to walk. If still not walking then, s/he should be evaluated for motor delay. Remember to give baby plenty of opportunities for safe movement -- too much carrying or bringing things over to your baby can cause delay too.
12-15 months. Most babies start to cruise around 10-12 months and walk around 10-15 months.
12-15 months. Most babies crawl around a year of age. Don't be nervous if your baby is still cruising but not wanting to let go at 12 months though. It may take a bit longer for some babies to get there but that does not mean there is necessarily a problem. If your baby is not crawling by 15 months (and your baby was not premature or has neurological problems), you may want to discuss that with your doctor.
11-13 months. Babies usually start walking by 11-13 months. At each regular check-up, the doctor will look at the motor skills gained by baby, to be sure the baby is learning to sit, crawl, stand, and eventually walk. Parents can ask the doctor questions, if they are worried about any motor skills.
Usually Around Age 1. Most infants are either cruising (walking holding on to someone's hand or furniture) or walking by age 1. Though that is the norm, development varies for each child. Many children do not walk until 15 to 18 months, and some infants walk as early as 9 months. So try not to stress the timing of milestones and if you do have concerns, talk to your pediatrician.