Health and wellness: is a person who smokes cigarettes and exercises regularly more or less healthy than a person who does not smoke but never exercises?

Here's the bottom... line. Smoking is REALLY bad for you. Exercise is REALLY good for you. So here's the truly healthy solution to your riddle. Quit smoking and keep exercising! Best regards.
Health and wellness. Difficult to calculate for an individual without knowing their other risk factors and family history, but they are definitely t higher risk than someone who exercizes and who does not smoke. All risk factors are important, but smoking is particularly important in those who have a history of peripheral vascular disease or stroke.
Less. Reading between the lines, one might try and justify smoking by exercising and eating healthy, but the fact remains you must quit smoking in order to find health. Behavior change is tough! Try this mobile behavior change platform to help! Pick reminders that will help you focus on performing healthy behaviors during a craving!