What are some alternative medications for anxiety instead of barbiturates?

Many. First of all, benzodiazepines replaced barbiturates long time ago. They have all the best of barbiturates (almost) without some of the side effects. Using antidepressants for anxiety became standard of care. In addition, I use mood stabilizers, antiseizure medications, antipsychotics, buspar, (buspirone) atarax, muscle relaxants and even opiates ( carefully). A type of anxiety is also important for rx choice.

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Could you tell me what are some alternative medications to use for anxiety instead of barbiturates?

SSRIs. Barbiturates are actually not the treatment of choice for anxiety. It would be helpful to talk with your doctor about treatment options. The first line agents for anxiety are ssri antidepressant medications. Unfortunately, they do take several weeks before they start working. Therapy can also be quite helpful in the treatment of anxiety. Read more...