Health and wellness: is fluoride bad for you?

Safe levels are ok. Epa has also set a secondary standard (smcl) for Fluoride at 2.0 mg/l or 2.0 ppm. Most dentists recommend the use of Fluoride to help keep your teeth strong, healthy & more resistant to cavities. The american dental association, epa, & the who (world health orgnanization) have determined that safe levels of Fluoride are safe.
Yes. The literature I have read indicates no benefit from Fluoride in those above the age of seven. And the benefit of Fluoride is on the teeth, not through being consumed. There is little if any benefit of drinking fluoride! furthermore, Fluoride is a known carcinogen. The main reason it is in your drinking water is that it provides revenue from a waste product of aluminum production.
No. Almost 100% of dentists, hygienists, doctors, pediatricians, the surgeon general, and many many more health professionals recommend Fluoride toothpaste and fluoridated city water. Fluoride makes tooth enamel stronger and more cavity resistant. It aids and speeds up remineralization of tooth enamel. Fluoride has antibacterial properties that reduce plaque bacteria.