Why do so many children get diagnosed with learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, or adhd?

Trendy, w/ a reason. Med diagnoses often are fed by trends. The trend often starts however w/ a large unmet need- such as too many kids struggling in our society. Then we find we actually can do something about it- there are excellent meds, approaches, treatments now that can make a difference. So people seek care & drs diagnose in order to provide treatment. Plus, the definitions for these conditions have broadened.
Better survival rate. Medical technology and knowledge have mproved the survival of very low birth weight and extra very low birth weight newborns and have increased the lifespan of children with certain genetic syndromes and chronic medical conditions. Children with special health care needs have a higher incidence of developmental and behavioral needs and deserve all the help we can give them so they can succeed.
Better. Better recognition of problems, better education of physicians and public in the subject matter, better intervention programs, beeter meds, and yes....Better media coverage!