How can you avoid getting bunions?

Bunions. Due to the fact that bunions are genetic majority of the time there is nothing that can prevent that from occurring.
Proper shoes. Proper fitting shoes are one way to avoid developing bunions. The most common cause of bunions is biomechanical instablity in the foot. Also, bunoins are hereditary so if your parents have them you maybe at risk for developing them. If you are concenred you might have a bunion see a podiatric surgeon. Visit www.Eastpennfoot.Com for more information on bunions.
Bunions. Wearing proper fitted shoes. Any shoes with a narrow toe box, like must of women's shoe can contribute to developing a bunion.
Bunions. Bunions seem to have a hereditary nature in most people and sometimes wearing custom orthotics may slow down the progression of the deformity. A podiatrist can make custom orthotics based your diagnosis and symptoms.