Related Questions

What is the normal hemo level for women. I have anemia & taking 2 325 mg iron pills a day. My hem level was a little over 9 and I feel like passing ou?

Anemia? Women have hemoglobin level of 12 to 14 Grams normally. You have Anemia which causes light headed feeling when you stand up from a sitting or lying position. You need to find the cause of your Anemia and treat the cause and keep your hemoglobin above 10 Gms.

I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia a little over a year ago. I take B12 thru nose & iron pills. I have gained 10lbs. Is this normal?

No. I would advise you see an integrative doctor. Iron is an oxidant. Taking too much of it is not advisable. I would look into the reasons for your anemia and correct those. Best, Siranush Cholakian MD.