Can I counteract potential osteoporosis family history by taking calcium supplements?

One answer. Calcium and vitamin d supplements certainly are a part of reducing bone loss. Depending on your age, a DEXA or bone denstiy test may be in order to measure your bone density and see if bone loss is present. If so, other therapy may be indicated. Also weight bearing exercise is important in helping maintain bone density.

Related Questions

Do calcium supplements help prevent osteoporosis?

No. Absorption of calcium is greatly influenced by the presence or absence of other micronutrients. Calcium can decrease the rate of bone loss, especially in the elderly and in the presence of adequate levels of vitamin d. However, those with excessive bone loss would need an appropriate anti-osteoporosis therapy to prevent bone loss and fractures.
Strontium. Strontium, d3, vitamin k, boron, vanadium, magnesium, zinc all are just as important. Calcium alone may help harden your arteries. Must take with magnesium, and the other things mentioned help a lot. Strontium is extremely important as well.

My 60 yo mom has osteoporosis. Does she need to take magnesium too along with her daily calcium supplements even if her magnesium blood level is fine?

No. Magnesium is not needed. She should take vitamin D3, about 3000 units/day, in addition to calcium. However, the evidence for the effectiveness of these treatments is not very strong. If she can exercise, she should do weight bearing exercise. Even walking half hour a day will be helpful.