Are Lyme disease and chronic fatigue syndrome related?

Similar symptoms. Lyme disease and chronic fatigue syndrome can have very similar symptoms. By definition, if one has chronic fatigue syndrome other causes of fatigue like lyme disease have been ruled out, so if one has lyme disease, by definition they do no have cfs. However, it is likely that many people who have been diagnosed with cfs actually have undiagnosed lyme disease. See comment for more:.

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Chronic fatigue syndrome? Or Lyme disease? How to figure it out?

Get tested. Set up an appointment with your doctor, to review your travel and exposure risks, and to get tested for lyme if need be (using an approved method). Other tests will need to be done, to rule out other causes of profound fatigue such as hypothyroidism, ebv/cmv/tb infection, autoimmune disorder. Hhv-6 infection, vitamin d deficiency, and psychiatric disorder.
Need thorough workup. Chronic fatigue syndrome is mostly a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning we try to rule out other, more easily treated conditions first before settling on cfs, which has multiple causes, incl. Unknown cause. Having the onset of symptoms like tis implicates lyme. Tick bite or possible tick bite, rash, flu like illness, multiple jjoints w/pain or swelling, severe fatigue, insomnia, vis. And cognitive.

My girlfriend has chronic fatigue syndrome. But what if it's really Lyme disease?

Get tested. Depending on epidemiological factors (geography, time of year, activities), a physician knowledgeable in lyme disease (i.e. An infectious diseases specialist) can order an fda approved two-stage test to assess lyme disease, and to interpret the test results based on sound science. Keep in mind that chronic fatigue syndrome also encompasses several aspects of a post-lyme syndrome.
It might be? Many people diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome actually are infected with lyme disease. There's a lot of overlapping symptoms. Getting a western blot igm&igg test for lyme is one step to help clarify. Also the cd57 natural killer cell count (labcorp) or the c4a complement test from national jewish hospital can help narrow down the diagnosis. These along with typical symtoms and history assoc.

What lab work should be done before a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome is given? Lupus, Lyme disease, heptatitis, anything else?

Varied. There are many different reasons for a person to suffer from fatigue: anemia, hypothyroidism, and many of the autoimmubne diseases. It is generally a diagnosis of exclusion. So lab work should include routine studies such as blood counts, liver and renal function and thyroid function studies. Only if all of these are normal would I pursue further studies.
Those are a start. You definitely want to rule out conditions which can be more quicly targeted and treated. Your list so far is good. Add to that ruling out adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, and other viral & bacterial infections. Food allergies and metal toxicity can also cause fatigue and multi systems symptoms.

What herxheimer reactions can occur when treating chronic Lyme disease? My blood feels poisoned...Rage, dysesthesias, and fatigue are way worse...

When spirochetes. Killed, they release what is called exotoxins. Those toxins are extremely powerful vasodilators as result people develop low blood pressure, high heart rate and other symptoms systemic manifestations. I have seen the worst jerish hexhimers's reaction with louse born relapsing fever treated with penicillin. People die from such reaction than the disease itself (i mean relapsing fever).