Is it safe to get cortisone shot for cystic acne during pregnancy?

CORTISONE. Cortisone shots if it needs to be given, it should not be during the first trimester of pregnancy. It might affect the baby no matter how small the dose.

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I've been on prednisone for 3 days for cystic acne, I ended it yesterday and suffer from flare up, can I get cortisone shot in flared up cyst?

See a dermatologist. Acne treatment needs months to years. 3 days of anything is of little use. An injection in the cyst may help it, but you need something to control cystic acne. Probably spironolactone is your best chance.
Probably. Cystic acne is difficult to treat and I often find Prednisone for 3 days not effective. Prednisone, in general, doesn't work well long term or short term. We usually start with antibiotics, retinoids and a combo product of benz peroxide and clindamycin. A new product called aczone may also help. Injection may help with one spot not many.

My forehead is sunken in from a cortisone shot into a cystic acne lesion injected on jan.8. Is it atrophy? Also can it get worse/more sunken in? Ty

Steroid atrophy. It may take up between 6 to 24 mos to fill in. There are several articles published regarding saline injections into the area of atrophy. If you want something more immediate filler such as juvederm may work well. It shouldn't get worse.
Yes, and Yes. Sorry today yes, but both are correct.

Why are some doctors telling me it's safe to get cortisone injections for cystic acne while trying to conceive and in pregnancy and some say it is not?

May not be safe. Adequate studies are not done. However, cortisone crosses the placenta and there may be an association between cleft palate in infants and first trimester use of systemic corticosteroid. Also, there may be fetal growth retardation. Given, the short duration of pregnancy, I would refrain from using Cortisone injections until after pregnancy.

Yesterday I received a cortisone shot for what I thought was cystic acne above eyebrow. Today the area is larger and red and painful. Dime size. Help!

Possible infection. Pain and redness might indicate infection. Call the clinic and seek urgent medical opinion to see if antibiotics are needed.
This may. Be an allergic reaction (not to the cortisone but to the "vehicle" (material) the cortisone was dissolved in! Alternatively it could be an infection! Contact the Dermatologist who injected you and in the meantime HOT MOIST PACKS may help! Hope it does! Dr Z.

Anyone know how well cortisone injections work for cystic acne?

Local only. This can be used selectively for acute cysts but are only part of more comprehensive treatment with oral and topical medications. For severe cases Accutane which is used for 15-20 weeks can work well long term. Discuss with dermatologist your history and treatment options.
Cystic acne. I agree. Steroid injected directly into a cystic acne lesion can and does work well but is not always first-line treatment. It is more of an augmentive treatment to whatever baseline treatment a patient is receiving.

My forehead is sunken in from a cortisone injection into a cystic acne lesion on jan.8/2013. What are the possible treatments?

Several options.. Depending on the size of the lesion and the resulting defect you could 1- wait and see if it fills in by itself (6 months to a year), 2- a small defect could be treated with some kind of skin-resurfacing technique like lasers or chemical peels, or 3- you could have the defect excised (ie cut out) and put back together in a fashion that would be very hard to notice. See a facial plastic surgeon.
Fat injection. First the area must have time to be free of steroid then fat injection taken from another area seems to be best the area may also fill in on its own. Saline injection is often suggested but doesn't reliably work see a plastic surgeon.

I get cystic acne, only cortisone shots help. I'm trying to get pregnant is it still safe for me to get them can they affect conception or harm a fetus?

Acne. Cortisone is considered Category C - uncertain safety in pregnancy. Topical treatments like clindamycin and erythromycin are considered safe in pregnancy and may be a better option if you are trying to get pregnant.

Are essential oils effective at curing cystic acne? I have tried everything even cortizone (hydrocortisone) shots. Nothing works.

Use the hard stuff. "essential oils" are for aromatherapy and and other stuff that's largely entertainment. For real cystic acne, your best move is to get with a real dermatologist and discuss accutane. It's not cheap, pleasant, or entirely risk-free, but for most folks it's well worth it. If you're female, also try to find out whether / why you might have extra androgens on board & if you can take the ocp.