What should I expect from having an angiogram done?

Before & After. Before: no eating or drinking 4-8 hours before procedure. Stop Aspirin or blood thinners several days before the test. Be sure to pee! after: you will wait several hours in the recovery room. Bring music or reading. Have someone drive you home because the sedative/relaxing medicine may make you loopy for awhile. Wishing you well.
Minimal discomfort. There will be some pressure at the arterial access site. Several times during the test, dye will be injected which can result in warm flushing and possibly nauses lasting perhaps 15 to 30 seconds. In some cases, the heart briefly slows. You may be instructed to hold your breath at times or to cough. Usually, there really isn't much pain at all. After the test, the main concern is arterial leakage.