What are the symptoms of torticollis?

Discomfort. Stiffness and pain in the neck with limited mobility of the neck.

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What are the symptoms associated with torticollis and how do I relieve them?

TORTICOLIS. Painful neck probably after using 2-3 pillows at night. Stiff neck is relieved by muscle relaxant, warm compress or hot relaxing showers.

What are symptoms of spasmodic torticollis?

Turning to one side. Spasmodic torticollos is a nerve-based problem which results in muscles of the neck inappropriately turning to one side consistently. It can be painful and usually cannot be overcome by simply using the hands to push the face back to center. There are treatments for this, though, including pills that alter the signal from the brain to the muscles as well as Botox to weaken the neck muscles.