When will my baby begin to cruise?

9 months. Most babies start to cruise (move around while holding on to furniture) at 9 months. Other motor milestones at 9 months include crawling and pulling to stand. Some babies may start later.
7-12 months. Babies should be able to stand and support their weight by 7 months, but occasionally a baby won't feel the need to move around while holding onto things. S/he may decide to go straight to walking without support. If your child is not pulling to a stand and bearing weight by 1 year, discuss with your doctor.
9 months. Most babies are cruising around 9 months. At this age, your baby is also likely to pull herself to stand. She would have likely mastered sitting and transferring objects from one hand to another at around 6 months of age. Have fun during this stage, but be sure to avoid mobile walkers as that is a safety hazard in babies.
8 months. Babies learn to sit around 6 months. Cruising is how they get around before getting strong enough and coordinated enough to crawl. Crawling usually is around 9 months.
12 months. Babies typically begin to cruise around 10-12 months. We expect everyone to be cruising, at least a little, by 12 months of age.