What are the symptoms of pfiesteria infection?

Not an infection. Pfiesteria piscicida is a dinoflagellate that produces a toxin that has killed many fish in the eastern usa. Humans exposed to the toxin can have rashes, diarrhea, memory losses, headaches and problems with cognition.

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What are the tests for pfiesteria infection?

No Infection no test. It is not contagious or infectious, and cannot be transmitted like a cold . It is a toxic exposure to the pfiesteria release of subtances into river and estuarine waters. It appears to cause skin irritation and cognitive impairmemnt. There is no test available or known. There is no infectious agent in the body to test for as this is a toxic side effect only. Read more...

What are the tests for pfiesteria infections?

No test Not infected. There is no infection present as the symptoms of skin irritation and cognitive difficulty are believed to be a result of toxins released from the organism known as pfiesteria. Nothing invades the body as a germ that can be tested and there is no immune response. The diagnosis at present is based on symptoms and known exposure only. Read more...