What are the symptoms of oral herpes simplex?

Cold sores. Cold sores/fever blisters are the usual symptom of oral herpes. Primary infection may be associated with fever, more pain and redness around the vesicles.

Related Questions

How do I deal with oral herpes simplex?

Oral medicine. If it severe and repeated, you doctor would prescribe oral medicines like valtrex, (valacyclovir) acyclovir, etc.

What is the treatment for oral herpes simplex?

Acyclovir. While there are many treatments, using Acyclovir is one of the most commonly used for herpetic stomatitis -- and it does not matter if it is herpes type I or ii. Other remedies are also employed, but are not nearly as effective or frequently used. It often takes high doses (800 mg) 4-5 times per day for several days to treat.

Oral herpes simplex virus: does carmex work?

Not really. You really need an antiviral cream or oral medication to be most effective. Over the counter abreva is better than carmex.

If a person has oral herpes simplex virus 1 and their partner has it to, can they both be sexual active, like kissing when the cold sore heals?

Sure... I suppose you cann't catch a disease that you already have. Given that, if you both have hsv-1, you don't have to worry about transmitting it to your partner...It's already there.