How is an angiogram performed?

Invasive exam. A needle is used to blood vessel in the groin or arm. This is used as access site to other blood vessels with a catheter.
Dye injection. A tube is placed into a blood vessel and dye is injected. An xray is then done to show the dye flowing through the vessel. If there is a blockage, the vessel becomes narrower or disappears completely.
Angiogram Answer. A radio opaque dye is injected in your artery near the anatomy to be studied then an Xray is taken to show the vascularity of that area.

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How is a renal angiogram performed?

Dye injected. A tube is placed into the aorta and by x-ray guidance is moved to the area of the renal artery. Dye is then injected and picures are taken to see if the artery is normal or blocked. Read more...
Invasive examination. A renal angiogram is a minimally invasive examination. The doctor will likely enter the artery located in the right groin initially with a small needle and then change that for a plastic tube. A catheter (small plastic tube) is then advanced into the aorta and then selectively into the renal artery. A small amount of dye is then injected. Us, ct or MRI usually done before this test. Read more...