What are the symptoms of kyphosis?

Back pains. You can help it by: 1) walk on your tip toes your hands joint together trying to "reach" the ceiling and you gaze up to the ceiling. 2) put a book on your head and walk with it 3)yoga- yes- all kinds of stretching 4)breathing exercises-slow, deep, alone as a daily routine and of cause as part of yoga and all other exercises above or any others that you like and find helpful.
See nelow. Severe deformities present with thoracic or lumbar back ache or tiredness mild cases have no symptoms stiffness is associated with some kyphosing conditions ankylosing spondylitis.
Deformity. The symptoms are mainly due to the forward balance deformity. That may include pain, weakness, pulmonary issues, and also a feeling of abdominal bloating. In severe cases, the rib cage may contact the pelvis causing pain. There may also be a sensation of a forward imbalance when walking. Low back pain may also occur.
Kyphosis. Pain is the typical symptom associated with kyphosis. There may be no symptoms at all, but kyphosis is usually associated with pain. See your family md for a thorough workup.

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What are possible symptoms to congenital kyphosis?

Many. Usually appear early in life and have special x-ray finding and some could sign for other congenital disease.Thanks. Read more...

What are signs and symptoms of congenital kyphosis type 1 disease?

Gibbus in child. Classically this is a child with a gibbus a bump and forward bend to spine most noticable if in thoracic spine it may have no sypmtoms very rare severe cases can develop late neurologic sequela. Read more...