What are the symptoms of itp?

Symptom. Most of the time itp patients are asymptomatic and the only abnormality they have is the low platelet level on their blood counts. They can have bruising, tiny red dots on the skin, roof of the mouth etc- ( ptechiae) or other type of bleeding such as bleeding in the gum , only if platelet level goes down really low-below 30k or so.
There are many..... Findings seen in itp. Bruises, particularly in unusual places can be a clue (but can occur anywhere. A pinpoint red rash known as petechiae is frequently seen. Blood blisters in the mouth (wet purpura) can be seen and are a reason to be treated. Bleeding from other mucosal surfaces can occur. Rarely, intracranial bleeding can occur and be life threatening.
Bleeding or rash. Troublesome nosebleeds, easy bruising, petechiael rash. This rash is often described as "new redfreckles." you can also have blood in the urine or blood blisters in your mouth.