What are the symptoms of hyperlipidemia?

No symptom. Hyperlipidemia itself will not cause any symptoms. But once it cause pathological change in different organs in certain degree of damage, different kind of symptom will happen depending on what organ is affected.
Usually No Symptoms. Most of the times there are no symptoms and Hyperlipidemia is diagnosed by blood test Secondary Hyperlipidemia due to Hypothyroidism or Diabetese will give the symptoms of thoseconditions And Symptoms of Pancreattis in cases of Hypertriglyceridemia and coronary Artery Disease due to high LDL.. And Xanthelasma caused by cholesterol deposits around the eyes is seen rarely.
Depends on type. High cholesterol levels and high LDL levels are associated with atherosclerotic cardio-vascular disease and may produce symptoms of heart attack, heart failure, leg pain, gangrene, stroke etc. High levels of triglycerides may cause pancreatitis that produced severe abdominal pain and may cause shop. High HDL elves are good an produce no symptoms. Some lipid disorders cause xanthomas.