What are the symptoms of homocystinuria?

Inherited disorder. Homocystinuria is an inherited disorder of metabolism that results in elevated levels of homocysteine which gets excreted in the urine. Here is a good link that gives more info than my 400 words allow. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/pmh0002179/.

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What are signs and symptoms of homocystinuria?

Homocysteinuria. Homocysteinuria is a cystathionine beta synthase deficiency that causes inability to metabolize methionine. Symptoms are often failure to thrive or developmental delay in infants. Visual problems occur. Chest deformity, high foot arches, knock knees, spidery fingers (arachonodactyly), tall, thin build, mental disorders, blood clots and dislocated lenses of the eyes. Read more...