What are the symptoms of hemangioma?

On skin-visible. Hemangiomas (benign tumors of blood vessels) can occur on the skin (w/ or w/o involvement of the neurologic system)-visible, but not a symptom. Hemangiomas of the liver are common-usually no symptoms. If bleed or rupture can cause pain, fever, even shock. Hemangiomas of the brain are common; no symptoms unless they bleed. Then headache and neuro signs, sympts: depend on location and amt of bleed.

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What are the symptoms of hemangioma of the liver?

Depends on size. Most liver hemangioma s are small and are a incidental finding during an ultrasound or ct exam. Small hemangiomas are not symptomatic. Occasionally large hemangiomas, termed cavernous hemangioma, can bleed and cause pain in the right upper abdomen over the liver, but this is unusual. The great majority of hemangiomas never bleed and never cause symptoms and do not become malignant. Read more...

What are the symptoms of capillary hemangioma?

None to possible ble. Usualy there no symptoms but it can bleed if traumatized or become inflammed or black in color. Some peole have multiple lesions which are easily removed. Read more...