What are the symptoms of facial scarring after acne and how can I address them effectively?

Cystic acne. Cystic acne can leave bad scarring. Main reason to treat acne is to prevent or to have less scarring. You can take an antibiotics and have a laser treatment.
Visible skin damage. In predisposed patients, acne can lead to prolonged inflammation of the skin and eventual scarring - resulting in depressed scars and textural irregularities. It is best to seek early treatment for acne to avoid the risk of scarring. Treatment for established scars include dermal fillers, surgical excision, and fractionated lasers. No treatment, however, results in flawless skin.
Irregular skin . Acne scars can cause skin pockmarking. There are a number of options for acne scars depending on their size, shape, depth, and skin type. Laser resurfacing may help improve the texture of the skin. If there is deep scarring, the scars can be excised or cut out. Subcision, releasing the scar underneath the skin, along with fillers or fat can also improve the skin texture.