What are the symptoms of encopresis and how to effectively address them?

Chronic constipation. Kids with encores is tend to have a long history of hard stools and problems having bowel movements. As kids learn to "hold" their bowl movements as they cause a great amount of pain, the rectal vaul distends and kids become impacted. What you see is " tracks" or soiling in the underwear, that is stool that seeps through. You need to look at diet, and be patient, it takes time, always see your dr.
Bipolar. Symptoms of episodes of depression alternating with manic or hypomanic phases. Depression includes changes in energy level, appetite, sleep, feelings of despair, and sadness. Mania is grandiosity, inflated self esteem, racing thoughts, no sleep, irritability or agitation, etc. Both can be accompanied with morbid thoughts and psychotic symptoms if severe.