What are the symptoms of dupuytren's contracture?

A flexed finger. Dupuytren's contracture is a proliferation of collagen tissue in the palm, which causes the finger to be pulled into the palm. The collagen forms cords of hard tissue, preventing the finger from straightening. Unlike a trigger finger, which also gets stuck in flexion, a dupuytren's contracture can only be straightened with intervention. Treatment was initially surgical, but now can be injected.
Contracture. there is an inability to extend the fingers. It is usually a silent disease and does not hurt.
Dupuytrens is a . Progressive disorder that at this point does not have a cure but has treatments. The disease begins with thickening and nodules the palm that can eventually from cords. These cords are above the tendons in the fascia and the fingers can curl and lose flexibility or form contractures. http://www.handctr.com/dupuytrens-disease-faq.html.
See below. Dupuyten's is caused by thickening of the lining of the tendons on the palmar aspect of the hand. It causes loss of extension of typically the 3rd through 5th fingers of the hand secondary to the tendons not able to straighten the fingers out. Similar changes can occur of the bottom of the feet.

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Can you get impaired motor ability as a symptom of dupuytren's contracture? What are the other symptoms?

See details. The basic issue is impairment of hand function due to an major contractures of one or more fingers. Read more...
Not typical. Dupuytren's contracture begins with lumps in the palm and eventually contracts the finger into the palm. It is usually pain free and should not affect the surrounding nerves, except in unusual circumstances. http://centraljerseyhand.com/dupuytrens-contracture-surgery.htm. Read more...
The contracture can . Limit finger motion and limited motion can be "measured" as an "impairment" in the legal sense but dupuytren's does not affect nerves that provide signals to muscles or muscles them selves thus most will answer no. A lot depends upon what you are really asking and for what reason! Read more...