What are the symptoms of colic?

Standard Definition. Early on, researchers came up with a standard description to bring some uniformity in assessment & proposed treatments. The rule of 3's describes crying for at least 3 hrs/day;3days/wk in the first 3 months of life. It implys crying when no physical need (feeding) & no medical illness (reflux, ear infection, uti) were detected of thorough evaluation. It often occurred more in the afternoons.

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What are the symptoms of colic?

Crying... Uncontrollably and repeatedly, often at the same time of day, and for no apparent reason. It can look like there's a lot of pain, even if there isn't. If you have found a reason for it, it's not called colic any more. When you find the reason, you deal with the reason; then the crying stops. Read more...

What are the symptoms of colic and what can be done for it?

Dr. Morris Wessel. An infant with colic as "one who, otherwise healthy and well-fed, had paroxysms of irritability, fussing, or crying lasting for a total of three hours a day and occurring on more than three days in any one week for a period of three weeks. Do not overfeed avoid juices the baby try walking the baby some babies seem to be soothed by rhythmic, steady movements, like rocking gently or by sounds.Tlc. Read more...