What are the symptoms of cat bites?

IF INFECTED... Bite wound infections, like any infection, are hot, red, swollen, painful to move, increasing pain, maybe an abscess. maybe a fever, maybe increased white blood cell count.
Cat scratch fever. Is a different infection and is usually not associated with a cat bite...Rather a cat scratch and usually from a kitten. Rabies can also develop from an animal /cat bite if the cat is rabid. Typically unprovoked bites (an animal just lunges and bites for no apparent reason) , and more likely from strays are concerning and need to be seen as soon as possible.
A hole in your body. Cat bites are quite effective and infective since their eye teeth puncture deeply. Cats and dogs have a bacteria -pasturella multocida - in their mouths that cause infection rapidly..Often overnight. It is very sensitive to penicillin. If you have a bite and it becomes red, painful, tender to touch, you are most likely developing an infection...See your doctor.