Can having an untreated yeast infection or one that is there to long during pregnancy harm the baby?

No. A vaginal yeast infection is unlikely to cause problems in pregnancy other than making you itchy and uncomfortable. It will not hurt the baby. Over the counter yeast infections are available that you can try now. If it is not improving then you need to be checked by a doctor.

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I had my first yeast infection when I was pregnant. Had it 4 times during pregnancy & it's been 3 months now & I've gotten it 2 moretimes since then.

Candidal vaginitis. When treating this, continue therapy at least thru one menstrual period, and during this time have your sexual partner put antifungal cream on his penis twice a day. If this does not clear things up and you are not taking antibiotics you should be checked to see if you have diabetes or other problems with your immune system. Good luck. Read more...

Anyone know what is a safe treatment for yeast infection during pregnancy?

Notify obstetrician. Tell your ob. 1. Wear underwear that is cotton vice synthetic 2. Avoid wearing underpants when you go to bed at night. 3. Don’t wear tight fitting panties & pantyhose. 4. Use natural tampon/ feminine pads (avoid those which are scented). 5. Avoid douches as well as use of harsh, drying soap on genitalia. 6. Rinse genitalia very well after soaping up. 7. Try wearing pants that fit loosely. Read more...