What are the symptoms of arteritis?

Almost anything. Almost anything. Depends which part of the body or which system is involved. Rheumatology evaluation is indicated.

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What are the symptoms of temporal arteritis?

Headache, visual. Headache, segmental loss of vision, jaw pain, fever and fatigue are the major symptoms.
Symptoms of TA. Headache, the most common symptom, usually begins early in the course of the disease and is present in at least two-thirds of patients. Initially the headache may be the only presenting symptom with the temporal and occipital regions being the most common locations. Tender spots or nodules may be present in the scalp, especially over inflamed arteries.

What are the symptoms of giant cell arteritis?

Headaches/vision los. Headaches, partial or complete loss of vision, shoulder and hip muscle aches are the most common.
Giant cell arteritis. Also known as temporal arteritis as pain in the temple area is a symptom, other possible symptoms could be vision related. If there is an index of suspicion a blood test called ESR or sedimentation rate is done and often a temporal artery biopsy is recommended. Steroids are used to treat.

What kinds of symptoms would suggest temporal arteritis?

There are many. Temporal arteritis (ta) is an inflammation of the arteries. It is an autoimmune process. The signs and symptoms are related to the location of the inflammation. This inflammation leads to swelling of the internal canal of the artery resulting in decreased blood flow. Severe headache, jaw pain, scalp tenderness, visual loss, sometimes fever, weight loss, muscle aches, occur.