What are the symptoms of adrenal cancer?

Hormonal. Adrenal gland has two functionally different parts and tumors of these have different symptoms. Tumors of the medulla, pheochromocytoma, cause high blood pressure and related symptoms. Cancer of the cortex, if functional, cause increased amount of corticosteroids resulting in fragile skin, fluid retention, hypertension etc. Mets produce symptoms based on organ affected by mets.

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How do people get adrenal cancer?

Usually spontaneous. Adrenal cancer (adrenal cortical carcinoma) is rare. It is usually spontaneous, meaning there are no well known causes or exposures. Incidence is increased in patients with certain known cancer syndromes, such as li fraumeni syndrome or beckwith-wiedemann syndrome.

What sort of problem is adrenal cancer?

Uncommon, glandular. Uncommon cancer of the adrenal glands (above kidneys). May present with pain, or effects of abnormal production of a variety of hormones that affect blood sugar, sex hormones, stress responce, salt/fluid balance. Can be curable caught early enough; like most cancers, potentially deadly.
Depends. As with most cancers it depends on size, spread and involvement of surrounding tissue. Also, when confined to the gland, its diagnosis can be tricky. Best prognosis is when it is confined to the gland and can be excised.

How long can you live with adrenal cancer?

Tough disease. Adrenal cancer tends to be an aggressive type. Additionally, unlike breast & colon cancer, there aren't many effective drugs to treat it. Consequently, the survival for patients with adrenal cancer tends to be rather low. That being said, there are rare cases that can be completely removed with surgery and controlled for many years.
Adrenal Cancer. Since adrenal cancer is relatively rare, there are no large studies that exist that incorporate reliable survival rates. In general, the 5-year survival rate is 60 % for stage 1 tumors, 40-60% for stage 2-3 cancers, and 10% for stage 4 tumors. Individual statistics, as always, are hard to predict with so infrequent a tumor as adrenal cancer.

Can you tell me how to tell if I have adrenal cancer?

Adrenal Cancer. I'm wondering why you are asking about adrenal cancer. Do you have any symptoms? Have you seen a doctor?

What is the definition or description of: adrenal cancer?

Adrenal cancer. Adrenal cancer specifically refers to malignant adrenal tumors, which include neuroblastoma, adrenocortical carcinoma, and a minority of adrenal pheochromocytomas. Most of adrenal cancer are notable for producing endocrine hormones.
Preciously. Malignant tumor/cancer of adrenal gland. Some are imprecise and mean a cancer from some other tissue in body, like breast cancer, that spreads to the adrenal gland.

My friend has adrenal cancer does anyone know anything about it or how it is treated?

It is rare. Cure by surgery is some cases, chemotherapy ortho-para dddd and aminogluthamide are used as palliatives. Most tumors produce excess. Coticosteroids, and that produces cushing-like state.

What is an adrenal cancer tumour test?

No specific test. There is no specific test for adrenal cancer. Diagnosis is based on endocrine abnormalities and imaging. Depending on the part of adrenal affected, there are different endocrine abnormalities.

What is the treatment for adrenal cancer?

Surgery. Primary adrenal cancer is rare and is generally treated by surgical removal of the lesion, unless it has already metastasized.
Surgery. The main treatment for localized adrenal cancer is to remove the tumor. After surgery their might be a role for a treatment called mitotane that could help reduce the risk of relapse. For adrenal cancer that spread to other organs then chemotherapy plus mitotane is the main treatment. This is very rare cancer and best treated in consultation with expert team of doctors.

What is the best way to prevent adrenal cancer?

Healthy lifestyle. The risk factors for tia, stroke, heart disease, vascular disease are the same as most cancers. Lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, treating diabetes, increased cardiovascular exercise. Also, eating a more mediterranean based diet and fish can also lower your risk. If you smoke, quit. That said adrenal cancer is rare overall.