What are the symptoms of Achilles tendonitis?

Pain & Swelling. Achilles tendonitis begins with pain and often swelling. It may be difficult to walk or propulse off of your affected foot. Heel lifts, taping the foot in plantarflexion, ice, rest, and antiinflammatories may help in allowing the achilles recover.
Achilles. Pain, swelling, difficulty walking and or wearing shoegear. Pain with any activities involving weightbearing.

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What would the symptoms of Achilles tendonitis be?

Pain and swelling. The typical symptoms involve swelling and tenderness ususally in the midportion of the achilles tendon. Sometimes there is a palpable bump at the side and pain is significant on compression from the sides. Usually the patient has stiffness when arising from bed or prolonged sitting. Symptoms usually decrease with activity and warming up.
Pain, swelling. Pain and swelling at the back of the heel and lower leg.

I think I have Achilles tendonitis what are the symptoms it is very painfull and I have a strong burning sensation in my heel area?

Heel pain. The two leading causes of pain in the heel area are either achille's tendonitis (this pain is usually clearly located above the heel bone and directly over the tendon as it inserts into the heel bone) and plantar fasciitis with or without a heel spur (this pain is usually felt just below the heel bone itself and slightly anterior to it (the plantar fascia).
Yes. Achilles tendinitis is very painful and will last long time you must see foot and ankle specialist.
Possible nerve pain. Achilles tendonitis will cause swelling in the back of the heel where the achilles attaches to the heel bone. If the pain is sharp and extending into the heel you also have to rule out some form of nerve pain.