What are the symptoms of a lung nodule and are they malignant?

No symptoms. Lung nodules have no symptoms, unfortunately. Most of the time, they are benign things like scars, but sometimes they can be early cancers. If you have a nodule found on a cat scan, they need to be followed to make sure they don't grow or change over time. This is especially true if you have risk factors for cancer such as smoking or radiation exposure.
No symptoms. The lung has no sensory nerves, and even very large nodules/masses can be completely asymptomatic. Symptoms are rare, but can include persistent cough, chest wall pain. Malignant? Depends on age, size of the nodule, prior cancer? Smoking history? Most nodules (>95%) are not cancer, and invasive procedures should be reserved for when suspicion (guided by above factors) is high.

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I have a lung nodule in which the center is calcified in a bean shape within a round shadow, could it be malignant?

Lung nodule. This is a question that should be answered after careful review of your imaging studies. In general, calcified nodules are benign as they typically represent granulomas.
Likely benign. Probably granuloma but should be followed with x-ray or ct. Obtain any old films for tracking purposes.

If a lung nodule is malignant, would that show up in blood test, and how fast would it grow if its cancer lung nodule is calcified in center?

Probably benign. A small lung nodule with a central calcification is typically a benign nodule from an old infection (usually histoplasmosis). If worried, follow up of the nodule can be done to establish stability.
Hmmmm. There is no blood test that I know of top detect lung cancer. Radiographic studies are used to help with lung cancer diagnose. If youworry about nodule being lung cancer, please seek advice of your hometown physician. We can't make aa definitive diagnosis for you over the internet. Your doctor will be the healing hands.
Lung Nodules. No. I do not believe there is any blood test that can determine lung cancer or if a nodule is cancerous. This will come with a biopsy of the nodule and direct examination of the tissue by an expert pathologist. Once the nodule is examined they may do other scans to look for other spots that could be suspicious. Please do not delay this process to begin.
You are too. Young to have ct lung screening, even if you smoke (or smoked). Work-up of a known nodule depends on size: if 5 perhaps wait and repeat, but I would not argue with a pet. We all agree...No blood test tells anything in lung ca.
Maybe. Blood testing is generally not regarded as a general screening tool. Random or blind blood testing may result in more fear than answers. Any lung cancer screening should be conducted in a structured/protocol manner at a comprehensive center with a multi-disciplinary team. "earlycdt -lung" blood test might assist in protocol directed evaluation of high risk patients as part of a comprehensive prog.