What are the symptoms associated with south american trypanosomiasis?

SA Trypanosomiasis. Also called chagas disease. Is caused by parasites trypanosoma cruzi. Symptoms are fatigue, fever, large liver/spleen/lymph nodes, swelling on one side of an eye where bite occured, rash, diarrhea, loss of appetite, vomiting. Several years later, may develop heart failure.

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Need help with south american trypanosomiasis?

Chagas Disease. Chagas disease, also known as american trypanosomiasis, is caused by infection with the protozoan parasite trypanosoma cruzi. Depending on the stage of the infection, you may need to see the following types of doctor: infectious diseases specialist, cardiologist and cardiac surgeon (10-30% of people get heart problems), gastroenterologist (some get GI problems).
The best person. Would be an infectious disease physician with interest or training in tropical medicine. Where do you live?

How long should south american trypanosomiasis last?

Chagas disease. South american trypanosomiasis, or chagas disease, has an acute phase followed 1-2 months later by a chronic phase which may last the person's lifetime. 60-80% of those chronically infected are not symptomatic. Even with treatment in the acute phase, the infection persists in most people, and they enter the chronic phase.

What are the tests for south american trypanosomiasis?

Blood exam. The parasites of trypanosomiasis can be seen in a stained preparation of blood from the patient during the acute phase of the illness. By concentrating a feature called the buffy coat, the organism can be seen. If the patient passes into a chronic phase, serum tests are available at the cdc.

How to treat south american trypanosomiasis quickly?

Not sure... Know you've been looking for an answer for a while. That said, I have only heard of the african variety of this disease. I would look for an infectious disease doctor who is well trained in the treatment of parasites. This could be a challenge in and of itself. Consider institutions who treat patients from abroad. Sorry I can't be of more help.

What is the treatment for south american trypanosomiasis?

Anti Parasite agent. In the us the medication benzanidazole (30-90 day course) & nifurtimox (90-120 day course) are the two listed agents for this disorder.

Any over-the-counter treatment for south american trypanosomiasis?

No! Chaga's disease (south african trypanosomiasis) is a very serious disease that should be treated by an expert. Trying to treat yourself with over-the-counter remedies is a bad idea.