What are the symptoms associated with a perforated eardrum?

Hearing loss +. Discharge from the ear. Ear drum perforation is one of the complications of infections in the middle ear. The symptoms of otitis media include pain, fever, loss of hearing in the affected ear and on perforation of the ear drum discharge into the external auditory canal.

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What are the symptoms of perforated eardrum? Can children get it as well?

A perforated eardrum. can occur when there is an ear infection with a lot of fluid/pus behind the eardrum.The pressure causes a small hole in the eardrum to develop(the perforation)and the fluid will drain out.The ear may feel better afterward.Trauma can also cause this(one reason why you shouldn't clean your ears or your child's with Q-tips(or other objects).Yes,can occur at any age & should be seen by a doctor. Read more...

What's the symptom for me to know if my perforated eardrum is healing or getting worse?

Eardrum Perforation. The three best symptoms of a healed eardrum perforation are water tolerance in the shower, no whistle when you blow your nose, and hearing levels back to baseline. The best way to know for sure is to have your doctor examine your ears. The ears have no "user modifiable" parts. Read more...