What are the presenting symptoms of seizure disorder?

Very variable. It may be from an episode of loosing awareness without "passing out" to full blown seizures involving one or more limbs. It depends on the region of the brain that is affected.
Diff. kinds seizures. Diagnosis is on a clinical basis by exclusion. General seizures involve a wide area of the brain in a symmetric pattern while focal ones are in one area. Grand mal and complex partial seizures include loss of consciousness while simple do not. Grand mal are tonic or muscle rigidity and clonic or muscle spasms, and have tongue biting and incontinence. Petit mal have motor events and briefly ipc.

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Are these symptoms of a type of seizure disorder or are they of epilepsy?

Need more info. Epilepsy is the clinical condition of a risk for seizures. A single seizure event may occur due to a cause that can resolve. Recurrent seizures with or without cause become epilepsy. Epilepsy may be cured if seizures stop occurring and medication is stopped. Read more...

I need detailed information & signs & symptoms of absence seizure disorder in children? How does it affect their daily lives?

Absence seizures can. Impact a child' s attention, behavior ; learning, even when controlled on medication. Request a " section 504" at school for any needed accommodations. .If sunlight precipitates them, wearing a large-brimmed hat when outside may help. The child should be monitored while swimming or on playground equipment.See https://www.Epilepsy.Com, the epilepsy foundation for facts ; resources. Read more...

Must I talk to my doctor about my new seizure disorder symptoms?

Yes. This is important for monitiring the development of a possible underlying cause and to be sure your meds are at the right dosage and not causing side effects. You might even need alternative drug therapy. Please see your doctor to keep him/her informed. Read more...